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EVE Online: Revelations 2.3 preliminary patch notes

Matt Warner

If you Build 37459 to 41698, EVE players will download it, available November 6th. The 2.3 Revelation patch notes are trickling in and the listed updates so far read like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo -- behind the scenes dealings -- this patch will scratch your computer gears to make EVE purr or something.

There is one change that stands out and slaps me in the face:

If an office's rent expires while a BP is in production and is not re-rented before the job is completed, the BP's will return to the impound.

That could be bad, so yea, those crafty players better make sure they aren't evicted because there is nothing more fun than your landlord tossing billions invested into a black-hole when the lowly office rent payment doesn't clear in time.

The patch notes seems small on the surface, but the big news that isn't listed in the official patch notes yet is the addition of the Linux and Mac game clients
, and because of those changes the server will see an additional three hours of downtime. Boo, infidels -- keeping the server down longer than necessary! It is important to note that the Linux and Mac client use Cedega/Cider wrapper and won't run on older PPC Macs -- Intel or bust. Sorry guys, I was wanting to rock EVE Online on my Apple Performa with you. I'm starting the save our Mac friends from WoW campaign. We all have that 1 Mac MMOG friend still playing WoW, tell them about the EVE Online Mac client. You will get a whole lot of nothing and bad jokes in return.

The 2.3 Revelation patches notes are still sketchy and incomplete; more information will be added as the developers make them available. If you want to stick around, I copied the patch notes after the jump:

  • Several 'Need for Speed' code optimizations have been added to the client.
  • Various fixes and enhancements have been added to our billing and petition systems, as well as to GM tools.
  • If an office's rent expires while a BP is in production and is not re-rented before the job is completed, the BP's will return to the impound.
  • The wallet mouseover display will update correctly on balance change.
  • A rare error that prevented a recently podded player from opening their wallet has been resolved.
  • An exception occuring upon client resize has been resolved.
  • A number of drop down menu now have larger boxes.
  • A number of minor Unicode errors in right click menus have been resolved.
  • Several unused or outdated DLLs/binaries have been removed from the client.

    Important Note: If you receive an error message when starting the EVE client claiming the existance of illegal files in your bin folder, it will be necessary to manually remove them.

    The following are the valid DLLs/binaries that should remain in the EVE client's bin folder:

    • Folder: Microsoft.VC80.CRT
      • Microsoft.VC80.CRT.manifest
      • msvcm80.dll
      • msvcp80.dll
      • msvcr80.dll
    • _ctypes.pyd
    • _PyFreeTypeP.dll
    • _trinity.dll
    • alut.dll
    • audio.dll
    • blue.dll
    • boost_python.dll
    • chartdir.dll
    • db.dll
    • dbghelp.dll
    • destiny.dll
    • ExeFile.exe
    • NetClient.dll
    • NetUtil.dll
    • ortp.dll
    • pyexpat.pyd
    • python25.dll
    • RedistD3DXOnly.exe
    • vivoxsdk.dll
    • wrap_oal.dll

  • The following Alliance logos have been added or updated:
    • Daisho Syndicate
    • Dune Heretics
    • YouWhat
    • Space Weaponry and Trade
    • The Immortality Project
    • Blue Sky Consortium
    • FreeFall Securities
    • The Order of the Red Locust
    • Dark Taboo
    • National Capital Region
    • Angelus Errere - Where angels lose their way
    • Order of Khaos
    • Friend or Enemy
    • Brethren of The Sky
    • The Covenant Alliance
    • Shinra Alliance
    • Sev3rance
    • KIA Alliance
    • Cold Fusion Syndicate
    • Ethereal Dawn
    • Abyss Alliance
    • Division of Eden
    • Minuit.
    • Acid Alliance
    • Deus Ex.
    • Daem Exalter Oni Noegene
    • The Gurlstas Associates
    • C0VEN
    • N O V A

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