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Hit the boxing ring with Wisin and Yandel

Dustin Burg

Fresh off a Latin Grammy Award nomination (or so says the hip-hop and trendy Wisin and Yandel will be on Xbox Live and in the ring as part of Game with Fame. Wednesday, November 7th from 4-6:00PM eastern the duo will be online challenging gamers to a few boxing rounds in EA's Fight Night Round 3. The GWF folks also wanted to go out of their way to point out that Wisin and Yandel are so darn cool that they'll be gaming from high atop the Hugh Heffner suite at the Palms Casino in Vegas. But really, they don't have to impress us with their expensive Palms suite, they just had to remind us they have their own Wisin and Yandel branded Zune.

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