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How would you change Leopard?

Darren Murph

Alright, so you've had seven whole days (and a few minutes now on the East coast, but who's counting?) to wrap your loving / skeptical arms around Apple's latest operating system, toss it on your machine and test out "300+ new features" that Cupertino managed to include. During the past week, we -- along with quite a few others -- looked this OS up and down in order to determine if it really was worth the $129 asking price, and while we wouldn't deem Leopard unflawed, we've yet to find ourselves itching to downgrade. 'Course, we're sure there's a plethora of you out there still perusing the feature list and wondering if it'll work on your near-decade-old machine, but this space is for the resolute souls who wiped their calendar clean last weekend to sit diligently behind a keyboard / mouse and put OS X 10.5 to the test.

For those of you who fit the aforementioned description to a T, we're beyond curious to know how your experiences have been. Have you found that Leopard makes your life a little less hectic? Roiled senseless by countless bugs? Are there any features you wish Steve's drones would have programmed in at the eleventh hour? Considering that over two million of you have already made the leap to Apple's latest feline, we know there's a flood of squawks just waiting to be unleashed -- so go on, we're all ears.

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