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Rumor: Elder Scrolls Online in the works


Voodoo Extreme reports that Bethesda parent company ZeniMax Media has purchased the domain "," leading them (and us) to believe that an Elder Scrolls MMO may be in the works. You may recall that Zenimax recently opened a new branch -- ZeniMax Online Studios -- specifically to focus on MMOs. Honestly, it makes sense. The Elder Scrolls has always had a rich world to explore, but the games have always been a solitary experience. An MMO version would finally allow players to share their custom characters and exploits with their friends. Not only that, but it might provide players with more motivation to plow through the hundreds of hours worth of side quests and extra content. Of course, the best reason that this rumor would be true is that MMOs are big money these days. With World of Warcraft creating Scrooge-McDuck-sized piles of money, making the next Elder Scrolls online is just a smart move.

Unfortunately, even if Elder Scrolls goes online, our experience will remain solitary, because we'll still be sitting in the corner grinding up potion ingredients. Mmm ... alchemy.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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