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Rumor: Super Mario Galaxy sells 130k first day

Eric Caoili

Despite the weak crowds queuing outside of game shops yesterday in Japan, an estimated 130,000 people opened their wallets for Super Mario Galaxy's first day of sales, according to Japanese blogger and ninja sales reporter Sinobi.

That seems like a lot, right? Well, while that's an excellent figure for most other titles and publishers, many were expecting much higher numbers for this major release. Let's compare that 130,000 with some first-week sales data for past entries to the series and recent games.
Of course, Super Mario Galaxy still has a lot of months ahead to pick up sales, as the moustachioed plumber has proven many times in the past that his releases have legs. Also, it's not as if the numbers are any indication of the game's quality. Still, it's a bit distressing to think of such a high-profile release from Nintendo generating so-so sales.

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