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24 hours of Tabula Rasa: Hour 9

Mike Schramm

Hoo brother, we are already at hour 9 of our 24 hour launch day giveaway (to celebrate the release of not only Tabula Rasa, but this here blog that yer readin'), and the prizes are starting to get interesting. Yes, this hour, we'll be giving away the best part of Tabula Rasa -- that fetching redhead that shows up in the intro movie. Well, not her exactly, but a cardboard standup of her. You too can do a little TR larping, and, well... actually, we don't want to hear about what you do with this thing. Your business, not ours. If it involves dressing up and running around the room carrying it and screaming about Logos and killing the Bane, we'd just rather stay out of it, thanks.

And if you don't win the standup, you might win a poster, because we're giving away one of those, too. Just live in the US, be 18 or up (official rules be here), and put a comment on this post before 5pm EST. We'll pick two lucky winners-- one gets the girl, and one gets a poster.

Good luck, as always! And if you don't like the prizes (although who wouldn't? come on, it's a life-sized standup!), sit tight, because there'll be yet another contest next hour. We would say that this new blog is the gift that keeps on giving, but it's actually more like the blog that keeps on giving... away great prizes every hour!

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