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Cisco's Virtual Career Fair in Second Life


I see more and more of these as the months go by and real life companies with a presence in Second Life begin to get a feel for what works. Cisco Systems, Inc. will be holding a Virtual Career Fair for European residents on their island on Tuesday, November 6th, from 9 to 11 AM PST. Among the presenting partners will be Dimension Data UK, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg; NetDesign; Alliant Technologies; Affinity; Voice Tech; Touchbase; Telindus; and BBNED.

Those interested in attending this event are encouraged to register here, and there is more information on the event itself here. Additionally, attendees will be able to meet with Cisco representatives to ask questions about the company and its partners.

Would this event be worth creating an SL account to attend? Maybe not, but it's a great answer to newbies who keep asking 'How can I get a job in Second Life?'

(Thanks, Allison!)

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