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Pure Digital intros Highway in-car DAB radio

Darren Murph

Pure Digital is probably already bringing that DAB goodness to your dwelling, but we know how bad the withdrawals can be once you head out to the car. No worries, though, as the firm is cranking out "the world's first in-car DAB digital radio that doesn't require complicated installation," which is a fancy way of explaining that this unit relies on FM transmission to get DAB signals into your vehicle's stereo. As expected, the Highway gets its juice from a cigarette lighter adapter, and users simply affix a small DAB antenna on their windshield, find an open FM slot and tune their in-dash radio to match the station. Furthermore, the unit can even be used on-the-go, as it includes a built-in headphone jack and can go for six hours on a pair of AA cells. It even sports an auxiliary input along with Pure's ReVu technology to pause / rewind live content, and if any new features crop up in the future, owners can update their device via USB. Thrill someone you love (yeah, that can be you) this holiday season when it lands for £69.99 ($146).

[Via Gadgeteer]

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