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Sling to place ads in streaming content?

Nilay Patel

No plans have been announced yet, but the eagle-eyed mods over at SlingCommunity just noticed an interesting patent application from Sling detailing different ways to insert ads into streaming content. The filing describes a scenario in which the viewer would be watching a baseball game on a SlingBox, which would somehow determine which batter was at the plate and then selects an appropriate ad to run -- say, for a sports memorabilia store. Other ad-delivery methods described in the patent include prerolling ads before the stream begins, adding ads when the stream finishes, overlaying ads, sending targeted media through the mail or by phone, overlaying web addresses of additional information, and replacing the actual ads contained in the steaming broadcast with other, targeted ads. Considering that using a SlingBox doesn't require Sling to operate much of a network -- other than the SlingDirectory -- we'd be hard-pressed to see why anyone would be okay with additional ads in their streaming content, but that's a pretty small objection compared to the stink broadcasters and other content providers are going to put up if Sling starts replacing their ads. Good thing they have access to all that Echostar cash now, eh?

[Via SlingCommunity, thanks TieGuy]

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