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Women who love to play men who love women


Don't let the flippancy of my title fool you; this is a serious request. It's a well-known MMO-ism that a great many female avatars are driven by males. Why? The reasons are varied, but the most often-heard one is 'I'd rather look at a hot chick than a dude'. Well, if you've ever wondered if the reverse is true as well, now's your chance to find out!

Metaverse development company (or 'MDC' for short, a term that refers to a real life company whose focus is virtual worlds) Metaversatility is asking real life females who play as males in Second Life to share their experiences and reasons for the purpose of a public discussion on identity and cross-gender avatars. If interested, please contact Haver Cole ( or Adri Saarinen ( I'm more than a little curious about this myself; can't wait to see how this develops!

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