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World, company, platform - too many Kanevas

Tateru Nino

Kaneva, the makers of virtual social world Kaneva are making a concerted move to separate the social world Kaneva from the technology platform underneath, called ... umm Kaneva. You know, this would be a whole lot more comprehensible if there were some clearer distinguishing names.

The object here, like Linden Lab's move to separate Second Life from the Second Life grid attempts to separate and abstract the virtual world technology and platform from the company-operated world that lives on top of it.

Clickable Culture's Tony Walsh reports that Kaneva (the company) "will focus on expanding its platform's functionality and toolkit in order to better facilitate partner-developed experiences during the first half of 2008."

That means Kaneva (the company) will be retooling Kaneva (the platform) so that more worlds and experiences than just Kaneva (the world) can run on it. Whew. More distinct names, please!

Kaneva (the company) is putting business development on ice while the retooling proceeds through the first half of next year.

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