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Blaupunkt announces TravelPilot Lucca 3.5, 5.3 Editions


Aimed for Europe's roads (for now), Blaupunkt has announced the TravelPilot Lucca 3.5, a circular GPS unit that will probably invoke some love it / hate it style comments. Either it's a stylish looking unit, or its a waste of space (consider the square screen.) Either way, this thing features a 3.5-inch LCD, a Centrality Atlas III Dual Core 400MHz processor, detailed mapping of the UK and Ireland, major European roads, and detailed European mapping available at extra cost. It also has a SD/SDHC/MMC slot, and locations of speed traps to save you a ticket. If you don't fancy the circular 3.5, you can go for the new Lucca 5.3, which features a 4.3-inch rectangular screen and case, Bluetooth support, voice control, and external video input for rear view cameras. You'll undoubtedly see these models in Europe first, but for how much and when, we don't know.

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