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Cinemassively: I'm So Sick

Moo Money

There's definitely a hierarchy in the Machinima world. For example, I personally get all fangirl over people that do community-related activities, like Hugh Hancock or Phil Rice. They, however, rave about guys like Baron Soosdon.

Baron created this music video based on a song, of the same name, by Flyleaf and Legion of Doom. He used Unreal Tournament 2004, Half-Life 2, and World of Warcraft for the backgrounds, but the characters themselves are from WoW. The editing in this video is absolutely superb. The visuals are top notch, showing off stunning scenery and little tricks like depth of field.

Did I mention that it's just one of a ton of outstanding movies he's made in WoW and other mediums? Yep, he's just that good. You can read more about how he made it on his blog.

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