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Microsoft done with current Messenger for Mac client, whole new app due next year


Microsoft is calling it quits on MSN Messenger for Mac, instead choosing to go with an all-new IM client that will work with both AIM/gTalk/ICQ users and folks still on the Messenger network. The Mac version of Messenger was plagued with bugs (and Scott's gripes), and seriously-- why would you use a client like Messenger when you've got iChat and Adium anyway? It's good news that they're planning a new client, and extra good news that it's supposed to work with other protocols.

So no more updates for Messenger on the Mac, but the new client is supposed to be "really, really cool and awesome." Sounds like just what the kids like these days. We'll believe it, of course, when we see it. Messenger 9 for Windows ships next year, so if this new Mac app gets delivered, it'll probably be sometime around then.

Update: A few readers said the post was confusing regarded Microsoft's plans for Messenger on the Mac, so updated for clarity.

Update II: Microsoft has responded, and the rumors of Messenger's demise were exaggerated-- Messenger 6.0 will be included with Office 2008, and Messenger 7.0 will have audio/video capabilities included, and will be beta testing soon. Makes us wonder what Liveside really heard Jenks say, but if you're a Messenger user like our own Scott McNulty, you'll be pretty happy to hear it's not going anywhere.

[via MacBytes]

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