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New life for old, dead games?

Eric Vice

The folks over at West Karana sure have an interesting concept. It seems the author of this afternoon's post was in the market for an Xbox 360 and was a little shell-shocked when the salesperson tried to sell them a copy of Pacman.

This got the creative juices flowing and our friend reasoned that if games like Pacman, Asteroids and Tetris can have such ridiculously long shelf lives, there's no reason this concept couldn't be applied to MMORPGs.

I'm with him one hundred percent. I cut my teeth on the original Everquest, which just happens to be the game she is talking about. The question is posed in the article: With all the graphic assets and geography assets already "in the can", how much work would it take to make single-player versions of some of these cherished old games? I would love to go back to the Maiden's Fancy in Neriak Commons and sit in the peeler bar where I spent so much money (on booze of course) and where I often sat sharing a drink with friends. And that's only one of many places that come to mind.

Would you pay for single-player versions of old MMORPGs? Which ones would you like to see make the transition? Could the henchmen concept from Guild Wars possibly be married to this idea with interesting results? What do you think?

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