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NiGHTS 'My Dream' mode features real-time weather, poor graphics


As previously reported, NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams on the Wii will take real-time weather information from the Wii's forecast channel. Instead of using this feature in story mode, however, NiGHTS will only make use of real-time weather in the "My Dream" mode, a virtual pet environment separate from the main game.

1UP details the new "My Dream" mode, which will feature the same "A-Life" virtual pet system that's been featured in many Sonic Team games, from the original NiGHTS to the Sonic Adventure series. Now, however, the A-Life environment will pull data from the Wii's forecast channel, allowing you to raise adorable creatures in spaces that mimic the actual weather on your area. Pretty cool, right?

Less cool are the screenshots CVG presents along with this information, which "show off" the weather effects in action. All screens look pulled out of the N64 generation, with low-res textures, a sparse spattering of low-poly trees, and very little else.

1UP's preview states that the "My Dream" space starts out sparse, but becomes more robust as players progress. Still, things aren't looking so pretty in general, and the lack of objects certainly doesn't explain away the "low-def" feel of it all. With the US release of the title a little over a month away, here's hoping the special mode looks a lot better in action.

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