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No patch this week

John Himes

It's a Monday and there's a patch on the PTR. If there's one thing you can count on, it should be a post on the official WoW forums asking if the patch will be released tomorrow. And of course, the WoW populace does not disappoint us. Today's query comes from a player named Vux who has chosen an unusual multiple choice format to provide a change of pace from the normal routine. Drysc answers the post in the negative -- 2.3 will not hit the live realms tomorrow.

Many players' hopes of a release date have been based upon the fact that 2.3 is already being distributed via the Blizzard downloader. When one player asked about the early download, Bornakk simply reminded everyone that content-heavy patches, like this one, are often made available for early download. While he didn't give any further hint of a release date, he did respond with the typical blue response "soon".

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