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Reader WoWspace of the week: Chedder


This week's Reader WoWspace comes to us courtesy of Chedder, L70 Troll Hunter of <Illusion> on Deathwing. We have to give him props -- the desk is a heck of a lot cleaner than ours generally are. (Or perhaps have ever been) But it's not that clean desk fetish that people accuse us of that made us pull this one out. No, we pulled this one out to share with you because this is a space that is all about Warcraft -- and we're suckers for the Warcraft art.

What art, you say? Click on the handy break below and you'll see what we mean...

But first, here's the scoop on this week's WoWspace from Chedder himself:

There's a couple of things I would like to make a note of in the first shot -- the first is the box of kleenex in the lower right hand corner of the desk image. I find kleenex very useful when PvPing because it's a very efficient way to keep my keyboard and mouse free of tears. So I always keep a ready supply close by.

Also note the Blizzcon attendee badge for this year. Here's a list of other junk to be found on my desk as I'm sure you can see from the pic. (Not sure why you would want a list, but hey I'm not one to question your journalist methods.)

*Nostromo n52
*G5 Mouse
*Crappy Dell keyboard. (I have a box of these things might as well use one)
*WoW: CE Box
*WoW:BC:CE Box
*Warcraft III: CE Box
*Map of old Azeroth

In the other picture [below], you can see the portraits I have hanging in my computer room from the Warcraft III collectors addition and the cloth map from the WoW CE.

So there you go. Not the best quality pictures, but you have to give him points for the art. As for why we'd want the list, think of it as a guided tour of your WoWspace! That is unless you'd like people to guess why you have kleenex on your desk instead...

If you'd like to have your WoWspace featured in an upcoming edition, feel free to send your setup in! If Chedder and I can do it, you can too.

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