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Son attempts to hire hitman to off PlayStation-stealing parents

Nick Doerr

If you've thought that hiring hitmen to "off" someone was a device you'd only see in the movies, you've thought wrong. Many people have hired so-called mercenaries to take out someone who has wronged them in the past, but today, something is different. That something is video game deprivation. Due to slipping grades, a boy named Cory Ryder was banned from TV and his sexy PlayStation. In retaliation, he plotted to murder his parents.

Due to some threats he made to his parents, they decided to organize a sting operation where a police officer would play the role of a hitman. Naturally, Cory found his way to that very hitman and offered his dad's truck as payment, allegedly saying "two bullets is all it takes". He was subsequently arrested. Now, we love PlayStation too, but if we're failing school and our parents take it away, you'd think to try harder at studying first, kill parents as a completely off-the-wall nonsensical suggestion second. What would you guys do if your PlayStation was somehow confiscated? What lengths would you go to get it back? Hiring ninjas, for example? Or pirates?

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