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AT&T shaves a million from U-Verse rollout estimate

Darren Murph

While we've certainly seen AT&T's U-Verse reach more and more homes recently, it seems that the carrier overshot its original estimate on exactly how many Americans would have access to it by the end of next year. Reportedly, the firm has now stated that only 17 million homes are expected to have access to it by the end of 2008, which is down a million from prior approximations. The delay is being blamed on a "shift in resources to prepare for the U-Verse rollout in the former BellSouth territory," but interestingly, we're not told specifically what parts of the nation are expected to be affected by the setback. If you'll recall, this isn't the first time we've seen a U-Verse launch get pushed back, but the company did state that it would be increasing its capital spending on the service by a staggering $500 million to take care of "preparatory work."

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