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Check your local Best Buy, they could be selling Super Mario Galaxy right now


Several of the folks frequenting the message boards over at GameFAQS are reporting that several Best Buy locations have broken the street date for Super Mario Galaxy. These lucky folk who were able to walk into their local Best Buy and walk out with a wrapped copy of Super Mario Galaxy not only win what is sure to be the best Wii game of the year (Sorry, Metroid Prime 3. We still BFF?), but also our unadulterated hate. Why? Because our local Best Buy is closed at the time of this report.

Now, before you get all up in arms that this is only the crazed ramblings of a GameFAQS forum poster, know that several in the lengthy thread have come out of the woodwork to confirm this. Know, also, that some have claimed to be managers at other retail locations and Best Buy itself, stating that it isn't normal to receive product a week before release.

So, take it as you will, but you can bet when morning hits, we'll be heading over to our local Best Buy to try our luck.


[Thanks, Ben C!]

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