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DDO team announces more updates for Module 6

Mike Schramm

Developers at Turbine added a few small notes to the Dungeons & Dragons Online Module 6 updates list today. There's not a lot that's changed from the previous list, but there are a few good bugfixes and improvements to the UI worth nothing. Greater two weapon fighting will now enable a new left hand attack hook, self targeting spells will no longer ever be "blocked," and there's also a new Conjuration (Healing) spell in the game called "Seek Eternal Rest." Available to Clerics at 2 and Paladins at 1, it grants a +4 Sacred bonus to turning undead. Back off, zombies!

Are you all excited about this update? I have no idea what kind of audience DDO still has-- I tried it once and liked how closely it stuck to D&D proper, but didn't find it interesting enough to stick around for long. I liked the fact that they tried active combat, but it just didn't vibe too well with me for the short time I tried it. Do we have a dedicated DDO audience in the house, or has everyone moved on?

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