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Iron Realms births Sparkplay Media, new 3D-focused company

Chris Chester

Iron Realms Entertainment, who you you might (or might not, more than likely) remember from such text-based MMOs as Achaea: Dreams of Divine Lands, Lusternia: Age of Ascension, and Imperian: The Sundered Heavens, has taken their brand in a new direction, creating a separate company named Sparkplay Media from the division working on their upcoming browser-based 3D property, Earth Eternal. That's right folks, 3D!

Evidently, they didn't feel as though text-based adventures and the new 3D IPs should exist under the same banner, so the Sparkplay Media name will be used for Earth Eternal, which is scheduled for 2008, in addition to all subsequent games in the same three dimensional vein and Iron Realms will continue to be used for their text-based games. If your interest is piqued at all, check out the video after the jump for some early in-game footage of Earth Eternal.

[Via Warcry]

Things look a bit sparse and, well, furry in this early video, but we're willing to delay judgment until they have something actually playable for our perusal.

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