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Motorola's femtocell tests a success, let the trial begin


Busy times for the people over at Motorola, as new cells seems to be dropping at all the majors lately. Yesterday's announcement featured news that Moto's femtocell end to end testing is complete and that the trials are now set to begin. Femtocells, once called Access Point Base Stations are said to be set to turn the 3G world on its ear with improved access and better pricing -- we''ll believe that when we see it, at least the pricing bit -- while in areas covered by them. From a provider's point of view costs are reduced by having a simplified -- in an UMTS installation, the Node-B, RNC, and GSN -- in one package using wired broadband for connectivity. We'd love to be in on the testing, but it seems that honor has been reserved for a "major European operator" and not for the team at Engadget Mobile.

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