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NPD explains monthly information pullback


The NPD group is providing some answers regarding today's revelation that it would no longer be sharing its monthly video game sales data publicly. GameDaily BIZ spoke with NPD spokesperson David Riley, who explained that the info pullback could very well hinge on what the console makers decide to do.

Riley noted that until November 2006 it was NPD policy not to share data. Following a flood of media requests and some internal conversations -- with no push back from manufacturers -- the data had become an expected part of almost every video game site's monthly news cycle for a year. As long as console makers give the green light, NPD won't have a problem continuing to share the data. What a fantastic situation this puts the console manufacturers in, and what a great opportunity it will provide for spin (more than usual, anyway) when the facts aren't available for counter-spin. There's always a hunger for this data and if the NPD isn't going to give it up, people might just turn to less reputable sources.

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