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RFID skin patches take aim at medical errors


They're far from the first to put RFID tags to use for medical tasks, but Frank Sammeroff Ltd and Gentag Inc. look to have a slightly less invasive solution than some of the implantable or edible options we've seen in the past, with them instead making use of a tried and true skin patch to keep tabs on patients. That, they hope, will help to reduce medical errors by letting doctors use their cellphone or handheld to update medical records and receive warnings of potential drug interactions, among other information. Of course, the patches aren't necessarily limited to medical applications, with Sammeroff also touting them as a possible solution for large organizations or amusements parks, and even as a means for parents to keep watch on their kids. No word on any takers just yet, but the patches are said to be "competitively priced," so if you're looking to bring a little paranoia into your organization, you might want to look into them.

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