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Visto Mobile does Exchange, Lotus Notes for iPhone

Chris Ziegler

It's not the first product to tout enterprise email integration for the iPhone, but Visto Mobile has announced a solution of its own, promising secure access to Exchange and Domino servers without any software install on the iPhone -- a good thing, we'd say, considering that most IT departments frown on having to hack their fleet of mobile devices to set them up. Unlike Synchronica's solution which games Exchange's Outlook Web Access feature to avoid having to expose POP or IMAP servers to the world, Visto Mobile actually does require that admins open up a secure IMAP port and publishes the corporate directory to a Safari-friendly web page. Many IT departments frown on all that, too, so if you're planning on pitching this lil' solution to your own IT peeps, know full well that you may be turned away brokenhearted. Individual users can get in on the action for a one-time fee of $39 plus $10 per month, while companies are looking at $799 plus $199 per year plus $10 per month per user. Whew, patent suits must not be cheap, huh?

Update: Turns out Visto uses port 443 -- typically used for secure HTTP -- to do its IMAP thing, so your IT department should calm down a bit when they find out they don't need to open special holes in the firewall just for your iPhone-totin' behind.

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