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Where all the MMOs at?

Amanda Rivera

Potshot (and yes, I realize he spells his name with weird symbols, but I'm just not leet enough to find them on my keyboard) is talking about the MMO industry. He's worried that the definition of success in the MMO market is based solely off the "WoW-killer" goal, and according to him this is the reason why virtually every MMO out there has been pushed back or even canceled.

We've only had two (maybe three if you count Tabula Rasa, which he doesn't) actual MMO releases this year, Vanguard and LotRO. Sure there are the popcorn games as he calls them, Mythos and Dungeon Runners being prime examples. But are developers shying away from creating a solid MMO world even if it doesn't knock the king from the mountain? Surely there's enough room in the player's hearts for more than one game. If there wasn't, why would we have this website?

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