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Breakfast topic: Your server's [item]


At least once a day, the trade chat of my home server, Magtheridon, is filled with people linking [Skullflame Shield] for some reason. For a while, I thought it was caused by some sort of sociological mass brain spasm unique to Mag, kind of like Chuck Norris jokes or being an Ohio State fan (/duck).

But Phyllixia of Proudmoore has broken my theory. It seems like every server has its own item to link in trade. Notable "server items" include:

  • Warp Slicer on Gorgonnash
  • Sulfuron Ingot on Sargeras
  • Force Reactive Disk on Hellscream
  • A random level 34 stick with a Mongoose enchant on Thunderlord
  • The Black Stalk and the Crimson Shocker on Maiev
  • Elementium Bar on Tichondrius
  • Fight Club on Kirin Tor
  • Foror's Compedium of Dragonslaying on several realms
  • Simple Wood on Blackwater Raiders
  • The Nicker on Maelstrom

So far, it seems that a lot of the items have a long history (Foror's), a weird presentation (Thunderlord's stick) or sexual connotations (Crimson Shocker and Simple Wood.) I have NO IDEA where this desire to repeatedly link one item comes from. What's your realm's item? Why do you think this trade chat linkage is so widespread?

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