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FIOS quietly adds Discovery HD in some markets

Ben Drawbaugh

There are some things that we just love to be wrong about. We theorized about why Verizon's FIOS only added one new HD channel in six months, while other providers were adding them in record numbers. Shortly after, Verizon announced major HD expansion plans for 2008 and now customers are reporting on AVS, that Discovery HD is showing up on channel 846. Oddly enough, there isn't any guide data yet, we'd guess they're waiting for the official launch. At this point it's hard to tell which markets are the lucky ones, but we can tell you that it's on in at least Tampa, Northern Virgina, and South Jersey. There have been a few rumors about five new HD channels being added by the end of '07, but up till now we haven't had any reason to believe them. As much as we love new HD programming, we'd rather have a different channel, based only the fact that most of Discovery's HD programming is already available on HD Theater and the most of the rest is upconverted and stretched.

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