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Gamestop manager busts retail myths

Kyle Orland

Over at the Consumerist, a Gamestop shift manager going by the mysterious moniker of G has posted an interesting look at the store's lesser-known policies and procedures. Among the tips for savvy shoppers:

  • Cashiers will sometimes give a 10% "shopworn discount" for gutted games if you complain about it. Also, unopened gutted games can be returned just as new games.
  • Used games you don't like can be exchanged for others within seven days (just don't abuse the policy or it'll be taken away)
  • Pre-orders are fully refundable at any time (don't let a fearful employee tell you otherwise)
  • First-party accessories have more resale value (and are much more reliable than off-brand)
  • To get a Wii, ask when a store gets weekday shipments, call daily around that time, then hightail it over there before they're sold out again.
The post also includes some pleas to be patient with the pre-order pushers who are forced by their corporate overlords to sell those reservations and discount cards. They're just trying to keep their jobs, after all. Why can't we all just get along?

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