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Japanese residents to win free rent in Second Life


Steve Mahfouz of Ecstacy Realty has offered free rent for a year on his sim in Second Life, which includes the use of a parcel sized 2048 square meters, to any Japanese resident who was born in and currently lives in Japan. Why has he done this? From his press release: "I like good karma. I do something good for you, and *maybe* eventually something good will happen for me. All you have to do is obey the Land Covenants on the parcel you live (or work) on, and that's all. No hidden strings. No hidden expectations. No fees. No tricks. No games. Free rent for one year. In one year, you can either pay the market rental price for the parcel or leave. Very simple."

Not so fast -- this is actually a contest. To enter, one must send an email to steve at, detailing why exactly you're the most qualified resident to receive a year's free rent. He'll choose the winner in 2 week's time, and will announce the winner on his blog. Good luck, Nippon!

(Thanks, Steve!)

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