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Nintendo won't stop making hardware

Candace Savino

Sure, it may be a while before some new Nintendo hardware comes along, but according to Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata, the company will never dedicate itself to only making software.

Iwata was asked if the company would consider giving up on its hardware, as changes and additions to cell phones are making other portable devices irrelevant. He responded, "Nintendo is clearly much stronger when we can combine both hardware and software development than when we have to focus on software. I just cannot think of any reason why we would abandon a weapon which brings us such a great advantage. I just cannot imagine Nintendo's future as a dedicated software content provider."

Iwata also said that there is room for both the DS and mobile phones in the market, and therefore the two won't have to merge together. So, never fear folks. Even when if cell phones do take over the world, Nintendo will keep chugging out hardware for us all as long as you keep on buying it.

[Via Aussie-Nintendo]

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