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Screwjumper descends onto XBLA Nov. 14


Screwjumper, part of THQ's Xbox Live Arcade lineup which caught us off guard a couple weeks ago, is ready to drop onto XBLA November 14. As you can see from the video above, Screwjumper gameplay involves dropping down a giant mineshaft, defusing bombs and racking up bonuses along the way. The single player mode features four different selectable characters and 20 levels. There's also a two-player offline multiplayer mode and support for four players across Xbox Live.

The game was created by Frozen Codebase, an indie studio in lovely Green Bay, Wisconsin, made up of designers and artists from companies you've definitely heard of. Frozen Codebase is currently working on another announced XBLA game called Elements of Destruction, also being published by THQ.

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