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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is fighting through enemy territory to get to the Mac


Apple Insider has some shiny new Enemy Territory: Quake Wars screens for your drooling pleasure. I have to say-- the last few Quake games (and I'll include Doom III in that list) haven't really floated my boat much. As good as the graphics look, that old id charm just doesn't seem the same with games like Portal and Halo around. But Enemy Territory was definitely a winner (I played it on my Powerbook quite a bit), and so ET:QW is sure to be some good times.

Unfortunately, Aspyr is porting the game, and their id ports in the past haven't exactly been up to snuff. Plus, apparently they've been hampered by updates to the already-released Windows version, so the Mac version is still only in alpha, while the other versions are out in the wild, already letting folks shoot at each other. And worst of all, AI says there is no online in the alpha version (!). Call us foolish, but we'll at least hold out hope until we see the actual release-- maybe with id making a conscious effort towards Mac gaming, Aspyr will get this one right.

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