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LotRO gets gold edition, Europe only


All that is gold does not glitter -- unless you happen to live in Europe. As of this week, Lord of the Rings Online: Gold Edition is now available across Europe, but it's been confirmed as exclusive to the region.

The Gold Edition contains all the bells & whistles you'd expect: a Book 11 version of the game with a 45 day subscription, three unique in-game items for use in the Book 11 Housing, and a unique in-game mount -- the Bree Horse.

But what's slightly unusual is that you can use the new mount a full ten levels earlier than you gain the Riding trait in LotRO, without paying a dime for it. Admittedly, the Bree Horse comes with different stats -- but it still must be a little vexing to those outside of Europe.

Is the Gold Edition going to be enough to convince you to pick up LotRO? Or if you're elsewhere in the world, do you wish this had got a release where you live?

Further details about the Gold Edition can be found in the recent LotRO devchat.

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