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Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary interview in Second Life

Eloise Pasteur

To tie in with the launch of the film Beowulf, the writers Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary will be interviewed in Second Life on Saturday 10th November at 11am SL Time. Paramount ran a competition with 40 prizes of tickets to Beowulf Island, which seems to be closed now (sorry, I heard about this rather late), but you can see the interviews live at Eternal Flames Pier, Joysco Community Center, Hollywood Bowl, OnRez Event Center or The Shelter.

Comic geeks everywhere will remember Neil Gaiman from Sandman, and he is now a rather well known fantasy author as well. He was the writer of the original Stardust for example. Roger Avary may be best known as an academy award winner for co-writing Pulp Fiction.

[via Neil's Journal]

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