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Pyglet creation enables CD-to-DAP transfers sans a computer

Darren Murph

We've seen our fair share of transfer devices, including CD-to-SD and even vinyl-to-CD versions, but a four-member team from the University of Adelaide is hoping to commercialize a CD-to-DAP device that won first prize in a recent eChallenge event. The so-called Pyglet -- which seems to function a lot like the iPod-only iLoad -- gives music lovers the ability to transfer songs from a CD to a MP3 player of their choice sans the need for a computer, and "Pyglet Enterprises" is expecting to have a prototype ready to rock rip in the next few months. Reportedly, the unit would sell for around $150 for personal users, while "more complex devices" would run businesses upwards of $700. The group managed to take home a nice chunk of cash and a bit of consulting from the win, so we'll give 'em a few weeks to party it up in the Caribbean before they actually get this thing moving towards production.

[Via Australia's News Network]

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