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TiVo temporarily reinstates $400 lifetime subscription for Series3, HD

Ryan Block, @ryan

Call it a quick holiday cash-in targeted at current TiVo owners if you must, but you're not about to kill our buzz about the fact that TiVo's resurrecting the greatly missed Product Lifetime Service (aka lifetime subscription) for Series3 and HD owners -- temporarily, anyway, and for realsies this time. As of today -- but only through January 2nd, 2008 -- current TiVo owners can upgrade their Series2 to a Series3 or HD with lifetime, or simply upgrade the service on their current S3 / HD -- equipment aside, the service will set you back $399. Sorry though, you can't transfer service between boxes, and if you're buying a new TiVo for the lifetime you have to use it under the same account. In other words, it doesn't look like they're leaving any loopholes open on this one. Pricing details after the break.

Current service pricing

  • 1yr (monthly) - $16.95/month
  • 2yr (monthly) - $14.95/month
  • 3yr (monthly) - $12.95/month
  • 1yr (prepay) - $179 (one time)
  • 2yr (prepay) - $279 (one time)
  • 3yr (prepay) - $299 (one time)
New promo pricing
  • 1yr (monthly) - $12.95/month
  • 1yr (prepay) - $129 (one time)
  • 2yr (prepay) - $249 (one time)
  • 3yr (prepay) - $299 (one time)
  • Web Special - 1yr monthly - $12.95/month
  • Web Special - 1yr prepay - $129 (one time)
Multi-service pricing (up to 5 TiVos)
  • Multi-service discount - 1yr monthly - $9.95/month
  • Multi-service discount - 1yr prepay - $99 (one time)
  • Multi-service discount - lifetime service - $399 (one time)
  • Web Special MSD - 1yr monthly - $9.95/month
  • Web Special MSD - 1yr prepay - $99 (one time)

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