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Two Worlds gets XBL demo, update (soon)

Jason Dobson

Despite claims to the contrary, last September's Two Worlds was not the most epic RPG ever. In fact, it was pretty terrible, plagued by broken combat, dated graphics, and dialog that had us clawing at our ears just to make it stop. But like a parent who refuses to listen to reason and instead continues to believe that his or her child can do no wrong, SouthPeak has patted its little terror on the head and released a demo for the game onto Xbox Live. Promising "a huge portion of Two Worlds' expansive single-player map," the publisher no doubt hopes to persuade players to pick up the RPG before it is ultimately swallowed into Oblivion, but we urge our readers to stay strong.

On top of the demo, SouthPeak has also confirmed that work is underway on a patch "coming soon" for both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Two Worlds, addressing more than 50 different bugs and other issues in the game. We scrolled through the list, however, and saw no mention of fun being added into the experience, so we think we'll pass.

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