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Allakhazam grills Curt Schilling on game habits, new MMO studio

Chris Chester

A lot of the time, when you read about celebrities playing games or see them with a controller at some glitzy press event hosted by EA or Microsoft, it's hard to take them seriously. Most look completely out of place playing or talking about games, and more often then not, they have a look of barely restrained condescension on their faces. That's why it's always refreshing to see an interview like the one Allakhazam posted recently with Curt Schilling, the veteran ace pitcher from the World Series champion Boston Red Sox.

The interview is light-hearted and jovial, but it fairly well establishes Schilling's gamer cred. This is no fair-weather fan here, Schilling talks in some depth about days long past in EQ doing late night corpse runs with guildmates, why he took so strongly to EQ2, and his approach to balancing games and real life. Perhaps most exciting of all is when he talks about 38 Studios, the MMO development house that he started up with Todd McFarlane and R.A. Salvatore. He doesn't slip us any specifics about the game they have in the works, but he does go into detail about their development philosophy (it's done when it's done), and the advantages of being independently owned. Even if you're not a baseball fan (or if you are and hate the Red Sox), you'll probably find something to like in the interview. Definitely check it out.

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