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Blizzard wants your WoW stories


Blizzard is constantly asking its player base to contribute to the WoW community website: Fan art, comics, screenshots and now stories. If you have an inspirational story about people you interact with in World of Warcraft or how you use WoW to teach your teenagers, then hurry on over to the Story Submission page and show off your leet writing skillz. Selected stories will be featured on the site.

Stories must be 3000 words or less and while this may seem short for some people, your story will be much more enjoyable to your readers if you keep it under 2000.

The most inspirational story I've seen is the one about Ezra, but Blizzard would be tooting their own horn if they put that there. I also think the long lost brothers story is pretty heartwarming, but I'm biased.

I know many of you have great stories to tell because I've read them in the comments and received them in emails. Now you have the potential to get your stories seen by a wider audience, if you like that sort of thing.

Let us know in the comments if your story gets featured on the site. Good luck!

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