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Friday Video: Game creation is our sanctuary in life


To celebrate Sega's announcement that more imports were coming to our Virtual Console, we thought we'd feature the Sega-est, import-est thing we could possibly think of: the Sega-themed sim/RPG/shooter Segagaga. Sure, it's a Dreamcast game and not a Genesis game, but it is all about the love of Sega.

Segagaga is a game in which Sega fans are put in charge of the failing company and work along with programmers and lots of Sega characters to save it. When the game came out, Sega was doing dandy, but, well, now it's a little ironic. However, the whole thing is a giant love letter from Sega to itself, and it stands as the Sega-est thing in the universe. If you don't feel a little bit of Sega love in your heart, then ... we won't say anything about you, because some of you will deny it in comments anyway just to be contrary, and we don't want to give you any ammo.

The intro movie is posted above; check after the break for a couple of different versions of the inspiring theme song!

Segagaga March -- Original Version

Segagaga March -- SEGAROCKS Live Version

Lyrics (translation by DELTAHEAD, found here)
"Sega March"

Sega, Sega--Oota-ku, Tokyo,
Keikyu Haneda Airport line, Ohtorii station.
Game creation is our sanctuary in life,
Yet victory is still far away.
We stumble and get depressed, but we move on.
Sega, Sega--oh, move on to tomorrow.

Sega, Sega--near the Tama River.
Take the Haneda-guchi exit off Shuto Highway, then head to Kanpachi.
Arrows and bullets spent, without friends,
Yet our minds and spirits soar higher.
Jump for joy! Let's help each other and stand together!
Sega, Sega--oh, move on to tomorrow.

Sega, Sega--oh, move on to tomorrow.

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