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Is WiiJing the new hot fad?

Candace Savino

Forget DJing. That is so old school. Nowadays, it's all about WiiJing.

We're sure you can put two and two together, but just in case you can't, WiiJing is the art of using Wiimotes and software while performing DJ sets. The alterations in the music are therefore based on physical movements. Starting this fad was DJ !, who even hosted a whole WiiJing event, and now? It seems that a guy named WiiJ Timski is also using this technique.

The above video has Timski himself explaining how it all works, with some demonstrations included. It's definitely worth a watch, if you find the art of WiiJing as interesting as we do. We still can't confirm the rumor that Nintendo will be making a WiiJing game, but once they realize that all the cool kids are doing it, we think they'll be on board. This is nerdcore at its finest, folks!

[Thanks, Marc!]

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