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Japanese hardware sales, Oct. 29 - Nov. 4: Once in a life cycle edition


We've grown accustomed to compiling these charts with a frightening degree of soulless autonomy, each week's numbers rolling across our brains like tumbleweeds in a deserted... desert town. In fact, the time afforded to us by the near-identical and mindless updates allowed us to discover the actual meaning of the word "autonomy," which we mistakenly believed to mean some sort of badge with your name on it (pronounced auto-know-me). You learn something new every day -- and this day is no different.

With the Xbox 360 bizarrely (and barely) surpassing the PlayStation 3 this week, we've learned to never let our guards down again. Who knows what remarkable event may rattle the fanboy cages next? Perhaps the Xbox 360 will surge ahead of the DS Lite next week? The PlayStation 3 might overtake the Wii! Predictability is truly dead, and we've no time to mourn as we rush headlong into exciting times! Next week will be amazing, we're sure of it!

- DS Lite: 78,552 2,309 (3.03%)
- PSP: 59,714 78 (0.13%)
- Wii: 37,617 10,115 (36.78%)
- Xbox 360: 17,673 13,955 (375.34%)
- PS3: 17,434 1,351 (7.19%)
- PS2: 10,209 1,489 (12.73%)
- GBA SP: 206 165 (402.44%)
- Gamecube: 155 97 (167.24%)
- Game Boy Micro: 113 49 (76.56%)
- DS Phat: 45 15 (50.00%)

[Source: Media Create]

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