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Jensen's NVXM1000 Rock'N'Road XM / GPS system on sale now

Darren Murph

Given that the last time we heard about Jensen's NVXM1000 was nearly 11 months ago, we won't hold it against you if you just can't bring back the memories of this well-spec'd XM mini-tuner / navigator hybrid. The $799.99 Rock'N'Road, as it's so affectionately dubbed, is finally ready to take to the streets, and it's packing a 4.3-inch color touchscreen, support for XM Instant Traffic, weather, sports and stocks, 11 million POIs, an 8GB hard drive, wireless FM modulator, an integrated media player / photo viewer, USB connectivity and a SD expansion slot. And if you just so happen to find yourself in a participating GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan or Hyundai dealership, you can get hooked up with the rebadged Advent ADV800XM for the same amount of dough. Now, whether or not this thing's actually worth all eight Benjamins is another story, but it's available today for those who adamantly feel it is.

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