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Oops: Tesco accidentally sells 360s for 33


"One Xbox 360, please."

"Very good, sir. That will be £33."

This is the conversation we imagined ourselves having with a Tesco employee on our imaginary trip to jolly old England. It could have happened too, as Tesco recently (and accidentally) listed a killer Xbox 360 bundle for the low, low price of £33.24 (~$70 US). The offer included an Xbox 360 with wireless controller, Viva Piñata, and Forza Motorsport 2. It was, in short, a hell of a deal. From the looks of things, someone neglected to add a zero to the bundle's price, which should have been ten times larger.

As one might expect, the mistake has since been rectified, though not before customers managed to place orders at the discounted price. One customer had payment accepted for thirty-nine orders, though they have yet to be delivered. Apparently it is illegal for a company to change the price of a product once payment has already been accepted. The Tesco website, however, states that if a mistake in price is made, the company is not obliged to abide by the mistaken price so long as the customer is contacted prior to the item being shipped. We get the feeling there will be lots of disappointed bargain hunters out there.

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