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Pirates of the Caribbean Online extends Founders program

Robin Torres

Disney has announced that they are extending the Pirates of the Caribbean Online Founders program which was supposed to end the midnight before Halloween. It has been extended for a limited time, presumably to attract more paid players.

The Founders program includes a Founder title which looks like a pretty gold coin with an F on it next to your name as well as some goodies that come in the mail at a later date.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online is a free to play browser game with optional Unlimited access for $9.95 a month. I signed up to be a founding member because I wanted to see the goodies, but I didn't realize that free players don't get access to my favorite part of the game: poker. It's not listed in the Unlimited Access features list -- I only found out from the tips on the loading screens. I'm not sure what other ingame-only documented benefits I'm enjoying that aren't on the list.

If you'd like unlimited access and the Founder's benefits, you can go to their signup site to enter your payment info. The official list of Unlimited Access benefits is after the jump.

  • Unlimited access to all weapons and skills
  • Create and lead your own Pirate Guild
  • Get first priority entrance into the waiting in line!
  • Captain bigger and better ships
  • Embark on expanded quests & storylines
  • Unlock the ability to fully level up your character
  • Engage in expanded pirate-versus-pirate (PVP) combat
  • Create and customize up to 4 pirate characters!
  • Lead your crew in epic boss battles
  • Access to full treasure collections
  • An exclusive "Crew Kit" sent to you in the mail
  • Full-screen, advertising-free game play
I'll be keeping my membership for a while to explore the game more, so I can still play Tortuga Hold'em Poker. But if I don't end up liking the rest of the gameplay, I think 10 bucks a month is a bit steep just to play poker in pirate gear. Yarr!

Are you a subscriber and if so, have you got your Crew Kit yet?

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