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I was wondering when something like this would happen, and here it is: is a website that boasts a ton of features for fans of live music in Second Life. It's professional-looking site, with easy navigation and a ton of handy links along the top to help you with searching for activities revolving around your favorite musician. Included in these links are Videos, Charts, Events, Blogs, Photos, etc.

An intriguing feature to this site is the ability to listen to music, right there on the front page, which is arranged according to who's on the Top 10 Charts. There's also a Downloads section, where you can purchase music at the by-now standard iTunes price of US$0.99 per song. This is an excellent companion to the other SL-supporting, resident-run sites out there, and I have to thank Hollywood Ron of the Flektor Development Blog for the tip.

There is more going on in Second Life than the mainstream media gives it credit for; go check this stuff out!

[Thanks, Ron!]

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