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Wireless Guitar Hero 3 controller functions with PC version


First, the good news! The Xbox 360's sleek, wireless Gibson Les Paul controller that made its debut with Guitar Hero III has been confirmed by the wonderful folks at Shacknews to be fully compatible with the upcoming PC version of Activision's rhythmic rocker. It's not "officially" supported by develo-porter Aspyr, mind you, but you'll find it works just fine for setting those frets on fire -- all you need is the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver.

The bad news (don't be shocked, we alluded to this in the first paragraph!) is that Guitar Hero III's PC variant, which releases November 12th, already comes packaged with a guitar, namely the Gibson X-plorer which accompanied Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360. It's uglier, it's wired and simply won't let you play the game from ridiculous and impractical distances! It seems the Gibson Les Paul is only a worthwhile option if you desire a second controller or if you can track down a standalone version of the game. Can't you help out with this, Steam?

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